Virtuality paris 2022

hey (French) guys

anyone is going to Virtuality this week?
we’ll be there, presenting our platform (running on Babylonjs) and always are happy to catch up with creators and coders!


Oh no… did not know it was tomorrow… Enjoy the meeting

Cool. Très actuel. C vrai que vous FR avec Macron, vous êtes confinés dès qu’il y a 3 personnes qui ont un rhume :wink:
Un anonyme CH.

haha, pas de soucis, je suis frontalier :slight_smile:

en fait, ya bcp d’employés qui ne veulent pas retourner au bureau. une partie de nos clients ont réduit ou supprimer leurs bureaux, à cause de ça. et puis le télétravail, ça consomme tellement moins de CO2, mais en incluant les serveurs pour faire tourner les plateformes de visioconferences.

long live Zoom :wink: Mais je préfère quand même BJS. Du coup merci pour ça, GJ et GL avec votre projet :smile:

Would be great to keep it in english for the rest of the community :slight_smile:

Même si le français ne me dérange pas :wink:

Sure, I suppose I can do that. I was just thinking beause it was ‘off topic’ and a call to FR people.
No worries though, will do :wink:

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cc @labris . This must remind you of something, right? :wink:
How do you like this project transposed in an office environment?

Just wanted to share with you Guy this funny exchange with Fred (the bot) in your app.

It appears the AI still needs a little bit of machine learning :wink:or else Fred just doesn’t know he’s a bot :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

On another topic, are you Guys thinking of creating custom environments for your clients (such as reproduce the actual offices or create some inspired from the company culture?)
Again, I like the idea and project.


Thanks Mawa for the feedback
Concerning the zendesk support, actually, you’re supposed to have yes and no buttons after each questions, and not type the answer. why you didn’t get the yes and no buttons, no idea. i need to investigate.

For the more interesting part of the discussion here: yes, we do create custom environments for our clients. In general we design them ourselves, as a design agency, so it’s easier to implement them in our platform. As an example, we did several custom environments for a distribution film company that wanted to have a mini Cannes festival, a mini Berlinade, a mini American Film Festival etc… to invite their clients at their virtual booth and get back the feel of the vibe of the festivals which were not happening physically at all.

We are still developing our platform and exploring different use cases and markets. If you have something in mind, I’m listening!

Sounds really cool. I’d love to see some SS or a video (if no NDA).
I’d also love to hear how this has been received by the client and if the users did like the experience (if they already did or is it still to come?). Also, is the video and voice stream working well (with more participants)? Again, very much like your demo and project.

sure no pb, here are a couple of SS. (I only show the movies that I’m allowed to show)

for our client, that was a real improvement in the selling process. these guys they love to go to festivals, to chichat with their clients, have a mojito with the sunset in LA. so being stuck behind zoom all the time was tough for the team, and for their clients too. so being able to meet in a familiar space was a great experience, from what they said. that also looks more prestigious than just a zoom.

happy to catch up on our platform anytime, just pm me!


This loooks really good :slight_smile: