VR and Lens flares

Today i worked with adapt my scene to VR and i faced with problem:
Sun flares that i use attach to only one “eye” of VR camera. How i understand when we use VR we create two cameras for left and for right eye. So i think that flares just attached to only one camera. And I don’t know how to fix this, because Flares and FlareSystem have no properties to determine which cameras are used. I recreate my problem on PG:

Adding @raananw

Interesting find!
I actually behaves as expected when I test it (using both the xr emulator and the oculus quest) -

The issue here is that the flare system will be rendered differently for each eye. This is a disadvantage of the rig-camera system (that we are using to render XR with). I can gladly investigate whether or not we can adjust the lens flare system to rig cameras with different viewports. Want to submit an issue on github?

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Yes, sure:

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