VR display with a single image (non-stereo) for use without a headset

Hello all,

Is it possible to have a Babylon VR scene without the stereo view? That is, using a phone/mobile device as the viewport responding to user movements in space, but designed to be viewed as a single screen outside of a headset, similar to how some phones show panoramic pictures you have taken.

WebXR is supported on different devices. On mobile, it supports AR mode, which is single screen with camera turned on (usually). Otherwise, we have little to no control how webxr is rendered. this is decided by the system itself. we get the data and do our magic with it.

Thank you, i see, so in order to take my Babylon scene thats being shown stereoscopically and turn it into a single frame (like a single “eye” stretched across the screen, or just a fullscreen view that responds to the devices gyroscope/accelerometer), I’ll need to write some custom code delving into the WebXR API and add that to whats there in Babylon, is that right?
I don’t suppose anyone could suggest any good resources /forums for looking into this? i’ll start with MDN…
Many thanks again!