Vr mode in mobile phone,double click will leave out the vr mode and lost Vrbutton

I open my project in mobile phone and click vrbutton into vr mode,if I double click mobile screen,project will exit the vr mode and retun back to the normal mode, and also I can’t find vrbutton in the screen.

Summoning our VR overlord @RaananW

So, mobile VR! :slight_smile:

What system are you using? cardboard, daydream? or more in the area of oculus go / oculus quest?

Are you trying a scene from the playground, or is it your scene? any chance of seeing it?

I am using cardboard.
I try a scene from the playground,and i try my scene,they have the same problem(double click mobile screen,project will exit the vr mode, and also I can’t find vrbutton in the screen.)

Seems like this is a bug with the double-tap feature. I am working on solving this, however -
if you dont want the doubletap feature, you can disable it using the exitVROnDoubleTap flag. so, vrHelpr.exitVROnDoubleTap = false will eliminate this feature.
Regarding the missing button, calling vrHelper.updateButtonVisibility() after leaving vr fixes the issue, but it should be a part of the process and not an external solution. I will submit a github ticket for that.
But agin, if you dont even want the doubletap, just disable it

This PR will solve it - Update vrExperienceHelper.ts by RaananW · Pull Request #6906 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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