Double VR button on mobile


we’ve encountered a Problem with the “enter VR button” of the VRExperienceHelper. I reproduced the bug in this playground link and you can look it up in the picture below.
When you are using a customVRButton it is working on pc. But on Mobile you get a double VR Button. The custom AND the original one. It’s not only a problem, that the original is visible, but the custom one also has no effect then.

We are using Version 4.1.0 but the problem still persists.

Playground Link (You have to open it on a Mobile Device):



I know this is not exactly what you are asking, but have oyu considered using XR instead? VR is deprecated and will soon not be available in modern browsers. Chrome already removed it completely.

To do this in XR (working :slight_smile: ) -

Also pay attention that each time you run this playground you create a new button, but you dont remove the old one. So -running this playground 10 times will get you 1 proper button and 9 buttons that, when pressed, will throw an exception.

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The problem, that the button gets created everytime you press play, is no problem for us, because i did just a quick repro and we are using it a little different in our real projects.

And no XR is no solution for us at the moment, because it is not really supported by any browser but chrome and only working right with windows mixed reality. So we stay with WebVR until XR is fully supported. And this bug did not happen in 4.0.3 which we were using before (if i remeber correctly).

This is only happening on chrome. And I guess you use firefox as your desktop browser, otherwise you would also see it happens on desktop chrome :slight_smile:
This is because the VR eperience helper fallsback to the XR experience helper, which automatically creates a VR button. You can hide it using either CSS or JS, or dispose the xr helper’s enter-exit UI element. But then the red button will stop working as well. You will need to recreate the ui:

I know it is none of my business, but i guess you know that:

I wouldn’t invest my time in technology that the main browser already removed and all other browsers are planning to implement. Have you tried playing around with the webxr polyfill? We dont officially support it, but it should be working out of the box on VR-enabled desktop browsers.


As you can see in the image below, i am using chrome (Version 80.0.3987.122) on desktop and it is not happening here. But i have a colleague who has the same problem on desktop chrome too.

And we also know, that chrome is the most used browser, but like you already said “the other browsers are planning to implement”, so its not done yet.

Thanks for your advice how to fix it, i will have a look.