Watermaterial constructor

I can’t seem to get this to work outside the playground. It says watermaterial constructor can’t be found. https://playground.babylonjs.com/#L76FB1#90

Yep we removed it for License reasons

but @julien-moreau was telling me he will work on a new one for next release

Yeah that’s right! A water material 2 will be available :slight_smile:

@FBa do you have included the « babylonjs-materials » npm package in your project? This material is not available directly in BabylonJS but in the package I mentioned above :slight_smile:

What’s the code to include that if I’m using it on a webpage html+css+js?

You can find the documenation of the package here: babylonjs-materials - npm
You can include the CDN file directly or install the package and load the file “./node_modules/babylonjs-materials/the_file.js” (which has the same name as the CDN files).

Once loaded, the constructors will be available on “.BABYLON”