[WaterMaterial] How to disable water level

I have a platforms and water under it so

waterMesh.position.y = -0.5;
platform.position.y = 0;

But after some time my platforms become under the water. I think it is something like sea level but I can’t find any information in documentation. How I can configure it or disable it?

After some time:

And even that:

When at startup time and always should be like this:

Modify this property in your water material with a smaller value, see 0

waterMaterial.waveHeight = 0.01;

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Thanks, I’ll try. But I thought it applies only for “wave” height, not all water)

UPD: Ok, it seems like the wave was too long, so i need to decrease it length, thanks!

Yes, but this property causes the water level to rise and then fall. So at some point, your water finds itself above your platforms.

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