Waves 3D Simulator with Thin Instances

Hi everyone!

In learning physics, waves in three dimensions are difficult to visualize in the mind, very abstract. So I programmed this 3d wave simulator with thin instances. It is possible to increase the number of particles in the scene, but with fps drop and your gpu will ask for water. The largest number of particles is 1 million.

The simulation starts by clicking on the “Executar” green button. The other options were created to be freely explored. It is possible to filter the visualization by wave amplitude, represented by a heat map, and also remove a quadrant for better visualization. Another option is the dipole view, with two wave sources.


Waves 3D is my second work with Babylon.Js. The first simulation was published last year with co-autor Fabiana Flor here: DOI: 10.3895/rbect.v13n2.9420

I hope you enjoy it,

Rafael João Ribeiro
// A teacher physics from Brazil


Ok this is trippy! Love it @PirateJC

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Great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Get a better frame rate, we can set
boxS.doNotSyncBoundingInfo = true


How many other such optimizations like this are there in BabylonJS?

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Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation :slight_smile:



Your tip with doNotSyncBoundingInfo really made a big difference in performance.
The fps went up from 16 fps to 40 fps, for 80 thousand particles.

Thank you for your attention!

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