We have emissiveColor, do we also have emissiveTexture for all texture baked exported model?

Say I have a model with all the lighting information baked in and I don’t need any of the fancy shading that Babylon.js provides, is there an emissiveTexture ?



About lighting baking, you may be interested into this tutorial :wink:


Who the heck wrote that, V? That is just a marvelous tutorial. YUM!

It needs to be added to our off-site tutorials list… for sure. link

clue :blush:

[edit] erf, maybe it was a rhetoric question, was it? ^^

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No, I was being straight. I didn’t pay much attention to the lamp contest back at the old farm. I should have.

Nice job! I love it! Thank you! It HAS TO be listed in the off-site tutorials list. Imperative.

Will be probably online in a few days :wink:

Will be up in a few minutes:)


OMG the community here is so helpful !
That’s it, I am fucking contributing back in a big way, just wait for it.


Please spread the word :smiley: