Webgl invalid_value teximage2d bad image data issue


I have a issue that in Sarari 14, some if my planes lose their image textures and display black. However, some images can work in Sarari 14. (But in Chrome, everything is ok.)
And I also get the Error: webgl invalid_value teximage2d bad image data issue.

I read some article about this issue. but still not get the solution.
I created two playground below with two different images. one can display image texture in Safari 14, but the other one not.

(have problem)

(works fine)

Is there anyone can help ?

Try to resize the picture (400x240 for eg), maybe having both width and height as odd numbers is a problem for Safari…


I’ve tranformed the .jpg image to .png, and it works in Safari 14.
Both .jpg and .png has the same size (731x411).

But I still have no idea why it works after transforming to .png.

ok. I’ll try to resize the image.

Safari is notorious for being awfully bugged when it comes to WebGL support…

I found the problem. Becuase the image format is cmyk.
After transforming it as RBG, image is displayed in Safari.

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