WebGPU and NwJS

Hi, I am trying to get a WebGPU project running in NwJs but I get this error,

I am not sure what to do, it works fine under Edge, it just seems to be NwJs with the issue.

What am I doing wrong?

.wgpu-metaballs-desktopts/package.nwjs.json at main · jeremy-coleman/wgpu-metaballs-desktopts · GitHub

Add a flag to your package json. At least that was required some years ago, maybe still is idk. Id think the latest nwjs version wouldnt require it since nwjs tracks chromium version much closer than electron but who knows


Thanks, that seems to be it - which is odd since I thought nwjs brought in webgpu some time ago without that need.

Np. Just occurred to me that maybe you have it globally installed in yarn/npm/pnpm (maybe multiple copies) and running nw start in the terminal would use that version, whereas npm run start or yarn start would use the binary inside the local project node modules. Could be worth checking your version in a console log to be sure