WebGPU is coming to Babylon.js

Sweet :slight_smile:

Babylon Toolkit Fully Painted (Including Trees, Rocks And Grass) Terrains Should Run Pretty Smooth and Faster on WebGPU… Cant Wait for that :slight_smile:

double-like that, it is how we roll also. : )

And we will try to early adopt WebGPU.

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Hey :slight_smile:
Any updates on this one?

Still working on it, and currently planing on introducing the latest spec breaking changes for end of week :slight_smile:


And our own playground for it :slight_smile: Babylon.js Playground

Only chrome canary on MacOS with the WebGPU flag turned on.

A lots of features are missing but meshes + materials should be ok as long as textures are coming from .env/.png/.jpg

Enjoy !!!

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I could only find this on hints of when google chrome on windows could be using it:

Anyone else have any word when use windows users will get access to it?

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Nope but I can’t wait either :smiley:

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seeing this made my day, this is some fast adoption!


Quick question: will adopting WebGPU maybe allow for GPU physics (compute shader)?

Also, this GitHub Issue: [Feature Request] Line-Sweep SSAO · Issue #4939 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub
Will the addition of compute shaders in WebGPU open up line sweep SSAO to BabylonJS?

Thanks for all your hard work at building an awesome engine!

Compute Shader will be supported so yes could potentially open some exciting new areas :slight_smile:


Hello guys, is this going to improve performance of any scene out-of-the-box, or do we need to specifically use some functions that are GPU accelerated?

I am expecting some improvments everywhere due to the lower cpu usage (reduced number of commands) but it is hard to measure so far before the implementation browser side has been finalized.


When do we expect browser compatibility to catch up?

This will go into full development once most modern browsers support it correct?

This is ongoing by our friend @Evgeni_Popov and will be a big focus after 4.2 :slight_smile:


We have to wait and see if WebGPU has support for those sweet sweet RT cores on RTX Cards or RayTracing extensions for AMD and non-RTX GPUs and then maybe Ray Tracing for the Web.

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They wont do it for at list a bot of time :slight_smile: but would be so cooool !!!

Hi all,

How will this look like for applications written for Babylon 4.2 and then when the migration happens to WEBGPU will shaders transfer across or we need to write allot of code?

I know it’s still early but just to get a vision of any work that will be required if we want to support WEBGPU when it becomes mainstream.

So at first a tool will be included to auto comvert from glsl to the webgpu shader language for back compat and portability.

We will also offer a path to directly load wghlsl directly if you only target webgpu then in a long term we might sheep all in webgpu and auto downgrade to keep the beat of both regarding device support.


Perfect thank you

A more universal approach where all cards are supported would be fantastic.