WebGPU is coming in january, we made a lab to try it out

We built a lab to try out how well webGPU works.
Chrome just announced the origin trial for it, and that it will launch in january with chrome 98

So it’s not too far away before we can start supporting it :slight_smile:

Requires Chrome Canary (95) and chrome://flags/#enable-unsafe-webgpu


I know it’s early days for yet, but I was surprised that the startup time for web gpu is so much longer.

Have you guys 'n girls got any insight in why it is taking so long?
is it babylon that is taking time to boot up,
or is it it’s taking time for chrome to boot up a new webGPU instance?

Have you got any other news regarding webGPU?


It is taking time to startup probably because we need to load 2Mbytes (glslang + Tint WASM) before we are able to do anything in WebGPU. We are going to try to lower the footprint of these modules to lower the starting time.

Our current status for WebGPU:

We still have some major work to do to improve performances and have it on-par with WebGL2 (and even better, we hope). For the time being, we focused on having WebGPU feature complete compared to WebGL2.

[EDIT] We also have a demo in WebGPU:

Some other compute shaders demo:


Thanks for answer and the links :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to see what this will bring going forward

I see that you’re using vite, maybe this example will help you. (Not my work, just my build)

I would be interested in helping you change the example from three to babylon, and using babylon’s ktx loader.