BabylonJS Plans

Good day, team!

What are the team’s plans/ideas for the development of the project? I mean the visible feature list (regarding the graphical part) that will be addressed in BabylonJS 6.0. Also, in the WebGPU section, I saw information that ray tracing is already in development (in progress), which is very exciting!


(Almost) everything we do is public on GitHub, including our future plans :slight_smile:

You can see the open issues for 6.0 here - Issues · BabylonJS/Babylon.js ( to be perfectly honest, it is not 100% certain all of those issues will be addressed, as we are changing their milestone from time to time, but that would be the best way of tracking what’s coming.


Hum, I’m not sure where you saw that? Ray tracing will not be part of WebGPU v1, and even if some preliminary research has been done by the specification group, ray tracing support is not planned in the short (medium?) term.


Maybe I misunderstand the meaning. Maybe I misunderstand the meaning

Doc page: WebGPU Support | Babylon.js Documentation

Well, it’s true that ray-tracing is being investigated, but there are a lot of things that have to happen before an extension can be designed. I think this is something that many people would like to see happen, but don’t hold your breath (you’ll die before it happens :)).


Ok :ok_hand:)))

Imo, i think the biggest capabilities from webgpu would come from moving the renderer to a compute shader like unreal. there are already some webgpu compute shader rasterizer examples on github. However, multidrawindirect isnt available yet. Eventually, I think it’d be possible that babylon supports a compute renderer through a render target texture. At least, thats the only way i can think of to keep back compat.

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