[WebGPU] Occlusion query with 2 cameras

oops, yes, I hadn’t noticed.

What is strange, on my project I do exactly the same thing with the class and I get nothing on the screen using WebGPU.
If I use WebGL, with the same code, it works. I can not understand.

If I want to use my engine instead of the playground one, I receive the same errors.

Your PG works, except for this error:

But this one is not a problem, it’s only the Monaco editor saying that a scene should be returned by the createScene function. You can ignore it.

But you don’t have an error in the console with my last PG? Because I have a lot of them.
The PG works yes, but in the console it returns a lot of errors on my side

I understood what is wrong. It’s not the code that’s wrong, but the model which is an old export of a previous version. I tried with the skull from Babylon and it worked…

This means that something is missing in the model. But what could be missing ?

Would it be possible that you could test occlusions with WebGPU using this model :

[edit] missing texture added :
Wagen.zip (1,0 Mo)

I think there is a hardware problem, but I’m not sure.

The model works well with WebGL

I can reproduce with this model, thanks!

I need to find why we get these errors, now…

I updated the model because it was missing textures that I added to make it complete.

This PR will (hopefully!) fix the problem:


How can I test this correction before the next update next Thursday ?

I don’t know if it’s possible to generate a npm package before next week.

Let’s cc @RaananW about this.

I can publish a patch, if it is needed.

Yes, thank you @RaananW

I was able to test with version 6.20.1 and it works perfectly now.

Thanks @RaananW for the patch and thanks @Evgeni_Popov for the fixes