Webpack ts error problem[SOLVED:3]

error in the editor:

at exec:

Argument of type ‘BABYLON.Scene’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘import(“babylonjs/scene”).Scene’.
Types of property ‘_inputManager’ are incompatible.
Type ‘BABYLON.InputManager’ is not assignable to type ‘import(“babylonjs/Inputs/scene.inputManager”).InputManager’.
Types have separate declarations of a private property ‘_alreadyAttached’.ts(2345)

“babylonjs”: “5.28.0”,
“babylonjs-gui”: “5.28.0”

solved all with this: :person_facepalming:

Those are two different errors. The first usually happen when you have typings or a different version (9or a whole version altogether) along with the version that is currently installed.
The second might be related to your code. If you want to share a project we can be smarter when helping