WebVR and make scope

I can’t scope using WebVR. Can you help me?

ArcRotateCamera Offset Demo | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)

Zooming in and out is not possible after adding the required line of code for VR.

Hello can you be more precise? What do you mean by “scope”

A demo in the PG would be great

cc @RaananW

Also making sure you are talking about WebXR and not webvr?

And yes, a playground will be great

Thanks for your comment. I added a PG and elaborated on the subject.

Thanks for your comment. Off course, ı mean WebVR. I added a PG and elaborated on the subject.

As i wrote in the other posts, webvr is deprecated and should not be used. Have you tried WebXR instead?

I researched WebXR. But it doesn’t seem to be the same as WebVR. Can the glasses and handheld console used in WebVR be used in WebXR? Isn’t WebWR more realistic? I’m sorry if I’m wrong. Could you please inform me about this?

WebVR is deprecated. and was rmoved from chrome. There is no way around using webxr :slight_smile:
And yes, webxr can do everything webvr was doing and more. It has nothing to do with realism, TBH. this is more related to your 3D scene.

Thank you for your answer. I don’t see WebVR being removed. Could you please post the article about it and can we use WebXR ad glasses and a handheld console? Thanks for your time. The answers to these questions are very important to me.

i’ll allow you to do your research on your own, but here is the browser support for webvr:

You can use whatever you want TBH. Babylon doesn’t officially support WebVR as it is a dead protocol. WebXR is the way to go.

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