WebXR AR anchor point


Is there a way to make scene center point Vector3(0,0,0) be placed in found anchor point?

My scene is too complex to put mesh in the anchor point. I will like my scene to zero out in anchor point?


Hi. You can create transform node as center of your world Transform Node | Babylon.js Documentation and place meshes as child of this transform node. When you place children in transform node you place it in local node coordinates

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Hi @kvasss

I would like to have a scene transform matrix as the last resort cause I got a lot of logic in the scene positioning as well. Iā€™m using transform nodes in other places but this will not cut it for me in this case.

So again can I zero out the scene (with transform matrix maybe) in Anchor point?

But will this be properly transformed by the anchor when using TransformNode anyway? Cause transform nodes do not have scale.

And is there a Playground example of how to use the anchor in a simple wy cause this is one part of docs that is missing example:


Adding @RaananW the master of all this :slight_smile:

I found this IWebXRAnchorSystemOptions | Babylon.js Documentation
worldParentNode a node that will be used to convert local to world coordinates
Playground search page | Babylon.js Documentation

Maybe this help you

That was introduced exactly for that. just note that this is a world space modifier for all anchors, not just for a single anchor.

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