WebXR autofocus on Android


I’m working on something with WebXR on Android, for this I have to put the camera quite close to a surface but it seems like autofocus is not enabled. So it’s all blurry up close, is there a way to enable this?

I’ve faced this issue before when working with Babylon React Native and as far as I know it’s just not really been specified for WebXR.


I am unfortunately pretty sure we do not have this level of control through the WebXR API :frowning:

cc @RaananW

Totally right. This is device-specific, at least when working in the browser. Maybe @bghgary has some magic he can suggest when using babylon native

No, I’m not aware of anything. :frowning: The referenced thread has all the info from the native side.

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Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this, I’ve added my two cents to this open issue in WebXR Focus control for handheld AR · Issue #1210 · immersive-web/webxr · GitHub
I would suggest anyone else stumbling over this thread and having the same issue to also just add their use-case and thoughts there.