AR Image tracking focus?

I’m not sure if it could be related to an update of Babylon, the browser (I don’t think so since I tried both Chrome and Brave), or my new mobile (Samsung S24 Ultra) but I cannot focus the images since it seems that it is trying to focus at a larger distance, so I cannot track the image properly.

Any tip on this?


Some android phones do that. Babylon is in no control of that. WebXR has no control of that as well…

Focus control for handheld AR · Issue #1210 · immersive-web/webxr (

This is a long discussion about this topic. ARCore should support autofocus, and i would assume this needs to be the default behavior, but it seems like it isn’t. i can tell you that on my old S10 the only thing that really helped was restarting the phone. But i know this doesn’t really help.

Yeah, this issue is super annoying, you could add your use-case to the issue @RaananW linked and hope that we can create enough of a stirr to get someone to change this.

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I’ve just added a comment to the issue, probably a useless effort but we should refresh the issue from time to time. (yes, I’m not the actual Kermit, and I am a human in Github)


Ufff I’ve just reviewed the repo and there were no changes from the last 3 years .