WebXR Camera is inverted when used with scene.useRightHandedSystem = true


I’m working on a use-case to show a scene in VR. The scene has useRightHandedSystem set to true. Now, the camera movement works as expected for a non-XR camera, but the vertical direction seems to be inverted in a WebXRCamera. When I look up, it shows the bottom of the scene and when I look down, the top of the scene comes into view.

The behavior is the same in Oculus Quest 2 device as well as when using the browser WebXR Emulator. Playground below:

This was working correctly earlier. The change seems to have come in with this commit in webXRCamera.ts. Is this expected ? If yes, how can I make the WebXRCamera vertical movement “normal” again ? I unfortunately cannot set useRightHandedSystem to false since it will break the GLTF models in my scene.

Thanks in advance!

cc @RaananW

i’ll have to debug that. thanks for reporting!

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This was fixed in the last release

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