WebXR defaultExperience disable snap turn

There’s is a simple way to disable snap turn for the left (or right) thumbstick in the WebXRDefaultExperience?

The controller structure of WebXr is very complex, I dind’t find any information about to disable what is automatically activated with the defaults. The other way is to start from skratch but I like to have some setup already.

cc @RaananW

You can disable the rotation using xr.teleportation.rotationEnabled = false without restarting the experience. Does this help?

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I didn’t have the opportunity to try it, but… does it disables snap turning for only one of the thumbsticks or both? I’d like to have snap turn in at least one of them. I just want to do something else with the other stick

it will disable it for both

Hello @Mizar01 just checking in, was your question answered?