WebXR fetching https://snippet.babylonjs.com/8RUNKL/3 from babylonjs

I’m noticing that the WebXRNearInteraction is loading content from https://snippet.babylonjs.com/8RUNKL/3, digging into the code it appears this is hardcoded. Is this by design? I’d expect this to be fetched from inside the codebase instead of reaching out to third party server (at least when running in production) but the way it’s coded I can’t override to fetch local unless I start my own snippet server (I’d prefer to not have to do this, but instead have the option to fetch whatever is baked into current build at time of release).


I mention because IDK what happens if that URL isn’t working (I don’t actually use near interactions, so it’s a bit surprising it’s even happening, but if it causes webxr to stop working if this URL is hosed that could be a largish problem for folks using this in production).

This is the material for the near interaction sphere. It is an NME-generated material.

This is a very valid question. The quick answer is - there won’t be any near-interaction sphere for controllers.

I’ll set an issue for me on github to change this architecture - this file should be download-able from our assets library for you to override the URL if you want to assure it works as expected.

EDIT - [XR] Failproof the snippet reference in NearInteraction · Issue #14989 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

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Oh, and - of course you can disable the near-interactions altogether! just like teleportation or pointer-event emulation.

Ohhhh, good point!

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Well, there I go, problem fixed! (for my situation) disabling near interactions fixed that extra fetch! Thanks!

Great! You did have a very valid point there, so I will take care of that :slight_smile: