WebXR - Hiding the Interaction Ray

I’m looking for more information on how the Interaction Ray from a controller works and what properties it can have. In other applications I’ve made, I’ve set it so that it is only visible when it collides with a special GUI layer. For example, here where I can select a button, the ray shows, which is what I want:

But in this image, my ray is intersecting with an object that isn’t a UI element. I’d like to suppress that unless the object is marked somehow, say “Distance Grabbable” so I could perform some sort of “force grab” action upon it:

Is it possible to hide the ray and enable it conditionally?

cc @RaananW

Nope, but since you are fully control of the display flag you can create your own condition that will run on each XR-Frame. You can check if the ray intersects with an acceptable object and set it to be visible.

You CAN set the predicate that sets which meshes are pickable. You can change the scene’s pointerMovePredicate if it is available, or the raySelectionPredicate on the pointer selections