WebXR Interact With Scene And Meshes

The docs say

The default experience initializes both pointer selection (laser pointer and interaction with the meshes in the scene) and teleportation features automatically

What does that mean laser pointer and interaction with meshes… ?

What interaction ?

Are there any example with interactions with mesh… And what does mean, i can select meshes… And click buttons on guis… ?

What about picking meshes… i i had code the used babylon frmework picking mesh (click on mesh) does the WebXR controller trigger mesh picking when you point the laser at a mesh and press button…

Do i have to explicitly setup some sort of OnPointer event manually…

I dont get the WebXR interactions…

Can someone please explain and show me some examples with these interactions… please.

I want to add better support for the toolkit and WebXR

Adding @RaananW

YO @RaananW
OK so i saw docs stating that basically the trigger is like mouse… Any OnPointer (Up-Down-Move) will catch controller trigger input without any special script. You would need to to script any other interactions like A GRAB SYSTEM…

So my question next is… are there any example (or can out together) any more Advanced VR interactions like aGRB SYSTEM ???


Simple grabbing - Babylon VR rhythm | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)

And… Add near interaction to WebXRControllerPointerSelection by satyapoojasama · Pull Request #10222 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

Yo @RaananW … Do you have the url to that hand tracking demo playground with purple looking hand meshes ?

Purple hand meshes will lkoad automatically if you enable the hand support.