Meshes actions from different VR systems using WebXR

Dear @RaananW,

I’m building a virtual world for VR immersive mode focused on the interaction with the meshes. I have cubes and spheres around the world that are supposed to be found and selected to playback a 360 Video. Once the user select (point and trigger) a meshes a specific video will be played. I already added as a parent one main mesh so I can hide the full world while the video is playing and then when it is over to show all again. I’m missing how to detect that a mesh is being selected.

There is an example that might show it, but is broken PG and I founded in the tutorials you point me out here: WebXR Demos and Examples - Babylon.js Documentation

I have a GearVR, a Rift and I would like to be able to use the cardboard.

The pointer selection module, enable by default in XR, will let you click on any mesh marked as isPickable.
Any device should work with the pointer selection. It is using pointer events (pointer down, move and up, and pointer tap), so you don’t have to specifically write code for each device. It will work on your desktop the same way it works in the Oculus.

Now - the way you highlight a selected mesh? This is something you need to decide in your own. There are many ways. Turn on bounding box, set the color differently and so on. There is no magic solution, and it is up to you to select how you do it.

There are many examples to show how to use pointer interaction (I showed you one in the last thread). Mainly, you will use the scene.onPointerObservable.

Oh, and back to VR vs. XR - try avoiding counting on old, deprecated VR demos. They will not work in XR.