WebXR - Prohibit teleportation through the wall

Hi @RaananW

I think I went through the whole doc on this subject but I didn’t see if it was possible to forbid teleportation through an object list like a wall.

Did I miss something?
If not, is it planned, if possible it would be nice?

Again and again, thank you for your help, thanks to you this project is progressing well.

Nope, it is not forbidden… You can set hotspots to allow a user to land only there if that’s an issue, but the ray will collide against all “ground” meshes

I saw indeed the possibility of making hotspots, it can be useful, but I want to leave the maximum freedom to the users.
Do you think that adding one day the possibility to list objects that cannot be crossed by the ray is possible?

I want you to know that in its current state, it’s already great.

That’s always great to know!

Sure, I can add that in a future release. Want to create a github issue for that? I will assign it to myself and will implement it when I have the time

That’s going to be great. :heart_eyes:

I just created the issue: [WebXR] Adding the possibility to list objects that cannot be crossed by the ray · Issue #8831 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Thank you by advance

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Hi @RaananW,

I’ve finally been able to test pickBlockerMeshes in my project, it’s great, thanks for adding this feature.
Thanks again, it’s great what we can do in VR with Babylon thanks to you.

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