WebXR teleportation

Is there a callback which one could hook into when a teleportation is initiated?
I would like to render a particular object transparent (or temporarily remove it) while the user aims at a new position.

no, but I don’t mind adding and observable for when the state of the target mesh changes (i.e. - start and stop) if that works

Not sure if I understand. Does initiating a teleportation even change the state of the target mesh?
Maybe one could also somehow hook into the click event, before the teleportation is initiated, change the meshes and then hand the control over to initiating the teleportation events?

The target mesh (the target of the teleportation, not the target ot the pointer) changes when a teleportation is successfully starting / ending. (i./s. visible/invisible). It depends on the usecase you are looking for. For your use case, this fits perfectly - when the teleportation target mesh is visible, you want a different mesh to be transparent

Maybe not really. The point was that the target mesh was occluded as it was hidden by another mesh onto which I do not want to teleport.

If the use-case is there, I don’t mind adding observables to before/after teleportation. If you want to add them yourself we of course accept PRs. Otherwise - if you can create a github issue for this, i’ll look into that when I get the time :slight_smile:

No worries. For now I don´t need it anymore, since I am using the movement option, but maybe someone else would at some point.

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