WebXRImageTracking not compatible error

I tried to run the playground for WebXRImageTracking, but unfortunately received the below error. Need some help.

Uncaught (in promise) Error: required feature not compatible at e.enableFeature

It means your device/browser do not support this feature.

Adding @RaananW FYI and he ll be able to provide more guidance in jan after his break.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I have tried loading the models using A-Frame and Ar.js it is working good. I guess it is not about device/browser. Below are the versions of browser and android used to run the above playground.
Browser used - Chrome 87.0.4280.101
Android Version - Android 10

The webxr version relies on native capabilities which are much faster but not available everywhere, the error message is definitely related to browser/device support.

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The WebXR Image tracking feature is only available in AR immersive mode on chrome canary.
It is an experimental technology that is sadly not yet available in regular chrome

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