Weight painted blender model animation

I took a screenshot of my viewport in blender of a table that has been weight-painted. I would like to modify it in real time in Babylon.js to be able to store the weighted painted vertices inside a transform node and move them all at once so i can make the table longer or shorter while keeping the rest of the vertices in the same place they are. I want this to happen in real time so i can quickly perform the animation and not have to deal with bones and the overhead that comes with it just to do a simple animation.

I would also like to do this using vertex colors in case weight-painted vertices can’t be grouped together to be transformed. And I’m not sure if this approach of using vertices to animate will be a better alternative to using precomputed animations that use bones.

There isn’t direct support for weight painting on Babylon, but if the table has a min and max length, I think you could do something similar with Morph Targets | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com)


Is it possible for me to select a group of vertices inside a mesh using the vertex colors? For example, if i export my model from Blender with vertex color data, could i access them in Babylon? If yes, could I then parent them into a transform node to move them as a group?

You can access the vertex colors of a mesh through its buffers, but it’s not possible to parent a subset of vertices to a transform node. You can only parent the full mesh.

Does Babylon support blender-shape keys? If no, then could i just move the selected vertices and reposition them one by one from their current position?

Yup, morph targets is exactly shape keys.