Animating a sequence of models

Say that I have an animation that is composed of 30 models of the same entity that change throughout those 30 frames. So it’s not 1 model that changes through the animation. It is 30 different meshes each expressing a different state of that entity.
If i want to export that from blender to produce a babylon.js animation, what should I do? considering that in blender what I would have would be 30 different meshes basically and these have to be showed in different frames of the animation. And also how could I control the playback speed either from blender or from babylon

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This is a good question for our Morph targets and @PirateJC

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@javismiles This is an AWESOME question! I’m actually working on a demo of this VERY Subject as we speak.

There are still a few parts of the workflow that I want to figure out before the demo will be ready, but here’s the high level:

If you have 30 different meshes, each one representing a frame of your animation. In blender with each mesh as it’s own object, you export all 30 meshes together into one .gltf/.glb file.

In Babylon you then load that file. You loop through all of meshes in the file making each one a morph target for your first mesh. Then what you do is animate the weight or influence of each morph target frame by frame using Babylon’s animation system.

I know this is a lot to take in and that’s why I want to do a demo around the subject, but @Deltakosh’s latest “How it works” video should paint a good high level picture of how to take advantage of this.

And look for my demo on this subject in the coming weeks.


@PirateJC wow fantastic, great video :slight_smile: i look forward to the demo when it comes out, super interesting this morph mesh stuff yeah