Weird 2D Glitches

Has anyone ever encountered artifacts like these, visible in this screengrab around the hands?

This happened on a Pixel 3 using Chrome 86.0.4240.99. The scene is not particularly heavy, and it’s not happening consistently. Any insight or advice would be appreciated!

Woot… do you have any sprites or GUI in that scene?

No sprites or GUI. And these glitchy planes appear to be taking up space in the scene and moving together with the camera, so geometry passes through them as you rotate the camera around.

do you mind sharing a link so we can see how the overall scene looks like?

I can’t share the scene unfortunately as it’s proprietary content. It’s a glTF rig of a person that gets loaded into the scene and some animation groups get loaded in and applied also.

yeah so this tends to be the signal of a Chrome bug then

Can you try without webgl2?

Have you tried on other platforms/browsers?

@Evgeni_Popov Yep, we’ve tried various other platforms and browsers. So far we’ve encountered this only on Android OS 11 running Chrome. We’ll try switching webgl2 off next and see what happens.

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@Deltakosh Forcing webgl1 fixed the issue, thanks for the suggestion! Any idea why this weird glitch would happen using webgl2 ?

This is because the webgl2 requires advanced features from drivers and the drivers on android are really fragile unfortunately

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