Weird space between ground meshes

Weird space between ground meshes when they have large size value for position x,y,z,

  • playground:
  • They should be rendered at precise location without any random spaces when camera move around

Seems like a floating point / precision issue…(?) unsure of the correct naming / description.

Your ground meshes are extremely far away from the world center, starting at {x: 168920, y: 0, z: 128920}
this is a known issue with openGL / WebGL.

Solution would orbviously be to move meshes closer to the world center :slight_smile:

yes you are right , well i was hoping to use world map tile coordinate system and place real world terrain tile meshes using geo coordinates in 3d world

You could make a “virtual offset”, so render at 0,0 but keep a cache, something like…

var coords = []; // index = X coord
coords[x] = []; // index = Z coord
coords[x][z] = Id of tile mesh to display at this offset

var tiles = []; // index = tile mesh id, containing different types of tile meshes

var offsets = {x: 0, z: 0};

then move tiles instead of camera, update offsets object on movement and place/replace tiles from coords array based on offsets… I hope it’s understandable :smile:

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i think its great idea , i will try to implement it , thank you aWeirdo