What does setHardwareScalingLevel do?

I’ve faced some antialiasing problems with using BJS on my Android phone where devicePixelRatio = 1.0. When I set setHardwareScalingLevel to 0.5 - the quality of render increased a lot.
So what have I done? :grinning: Is it bring the performance of a scene down?
As for fps, I don’t see any difference, I’ve always 60fps with hardwareScalingLevel set to 0.5.

You have twice as better image resolution. It takes some pert, though.

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Is it the same as making my texture images twice bigger than it is now?

No, it relates to the final image of 3D scene which is drawn at canvas with every frame.


No. To get better texture definition, you need to make your texture bigger. You can also serve the user with different resolutions of textures depending on device performance.
Hardware scaling should only be used to adapt to a specific device. It is not ment for improving the visual quality of your scene.

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