setHardwareScalingLevel < 1.0

Is there a point to setting the hardware scaling level to a number smaller than 1.0?

I ask because I’ve seen it in several AAA games now. They’ll have a little slider that allows increasing the scale (reduce quality, improve performance) but it also allows going the other way, usually by 20-50% past 100% scale. My limited understanding of this is that it will cause the GPU to essentially render more pixels than are on the screen. Anyone know what that might accomplish?

From what I imagine, by upscaling your render, you can lowering your antialiasing post-processing value, 'cause the image buffer resizing made kind of “natural” antialiasing.


1080p * 2
resized (in Photoshop) to 720p using bilinear

Sometimes it may gain some perf? Note that I’m not sure, wait for other answers :slight_smile:

@Vinc3r is right. It will produce really beautiful rendering by upscaling the resolution.

This is really useful when you are not GPU limited so you can afford rendering more pixels.

On site like we start with a large upscale so images are really sharp and precise and the value is reduced if the frame rate is not at 60fps