What Happend To: BABYLON.Tools.RequestFullscreen

Yo @Deltakosh

I was using the BABYLON.Tools.RequestFullscreen function… Now its gone… What happened to it… Why ???

What do i use in place of ???

I just searched the BJS repo and found this:

It probably had to do with this commit on July 10th:

Related to this:

Thanks @adam!

Yep I’m reducing the coupling of the components so treeshacking works better

For BABYLON.Tools.RequestFullscreen, now you can use engine.enterFullscreen

Sorry for the inconvenience, I checked the PGs to determine if it was a used API or not

@Deltakosh The sponza demo (https://www.babylonjs.com/demos/sponza) has the old RequestFullscreen. Can someone on your team change that to the new function? Thanks! =)

Do you want to help with a simple PR?