What is best approach for creating low poly vehicles?

I want to create almost primitive like vehicles inspired by GeneRally (I don’t want to do 1:1 copy, I want to do something similar, be able to experiment a little bit)

My question is what is the best approach to create such shapes?
Eg. the first two ones I can imagine as two cylinders (cones) stuck together.
But maybe there is some tool or just better idea :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a rule or best practice for this. I would start with primitives. Merging and substract meshes. Then, where there’s a mesh you cannot work with primitives or polyhedra, draw the mesh.
I believe it’s mostly a choice of design. If you want to keep with some sort of consistency in your design, you should try to select a base of shapes and stick to it. Else, it will look like its lacking design/consistency.


Did you check out ‘art of rally’ new release? It’s less minimalistic but I personally love this design. Sort of a fairly realistic minimal design. There’s a great work of consistency/art direction done on this title.

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I’d suggest same as @mawa

But if you want to take it to the next level, one of the greats of low poly modelling is this guy:

Especially take a look at this fantastic tutorial Learn Low Poly Modeling in Blender 2.9 / 2.8 - YouTube

And this Let's Make 10 CARS in 10 MINUTES in Blender 2.82 - ep. 12 - YouTube


I would like to close this question but I it would be great if anyone from the BabylonJS team could give some thought about it :smiley: @GeneralQuestions

Depending on your skillset I would either chose the blender way, or the procedural way and do everything with maths and procedural shapes.

Thanks. I have no experience with the Blender so the answer is clear :slight_smile: