LowPolyBuilder, for creating low-poly meshes

Hi everyone, as part of BJSPM, I made the LowPolyBuilder:

It is made to be similar to the mesh builders that come with Babylon.js.
For now it can only create simple cars and their parts, but in the future I would like it to create all kinds of meshes.


The default playground scene, except the sphere is replaced with a randomly generated car:


Randomly generated cars driving along a path. In the car constructor, it excludes the front tires from being merged, so they can be turned by the script. It also has two GTA-SA style exploded cars on their side, and a pile of tires:



You are unstoppable ;D

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Airliners have arrived!



Love it @Gijs

Very interesting to scan through your code base on GitHub.

Perhaps you have discovered that I create low poly train meshes for my GeekTrains.com game. One of the challenges I face is when I merge several parts (simple meshes like cubes, spheres or extruded shapes), how to deal with different textures/colors being merged into a single mesh. For example when I would merge a car (solid white) chassis with the car (cyan semi transparent) windows/wind shield mesh, then I get either a full solid white or full cyan semi transparent total car mesh.

Maybe you have a hint or waypoint for me? I have the idea that you solved it somehow for your cars (when I look at the inspector it is only 3 meshes: 1 body + 2 front wheels). :slight_smile:

Thanks @QuintusHegie , and it should work if you set the multiMultiMaterials parameter of the MergeMeshes function to true.

Are the things in your train levels fully made with primitives / extrusions?

Ah, great, I will have a look into this multiMaterials parameter with some playgrounds!

Yes, currently all things in the train levels are made with primitives and extrusions. For obvious performance reasons the (child)meshes of the same game object need to be merged. Later on I want to add more realistic static 3D models (like gardens, trees, houses, furniture) as scenery, but the interactive parts of the scene will remain low-poly and bright-colored style of meshes. This is to make it very easy for the player to visually distinguish the toy model trains (and tracks) from the more realistic looking static environment.

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