What is the best way to update a mesh of a plane by dragging its edges?

Im posting again due to some error in my previous post. I tried to play around with planes created by lines. We can see the plane moving when we pick a sphere and drag but the actual plane doesn’t move at all. When I pick the mesh, its picked only in the original position. I have 3 playgrounds im playing with.
What is the best approach and how can I update the plane after changing position of a vertex without creating another plane that overlaps the first plane?

1- Babylon.js Playground

2- https://playground.babylonjs.com/#4G18GY#191


Any solution?

You do need to dispose of the existing polygon and create another https://playground.babylonjs.com/#XB8EHF#2

I thought of that before and it works well. the only problem left is that after dispose(), the mesh will not be pickable since it is constantly removed and created again.

You could reuse the new geometry and apply it to the previous mesh:


Great. You guys made it!!!. Thank you for your time invested in this