What is the default unit in BabylonJS, if any? ( is 1 Vector = 1 meter? )

I’ve only started very recently experimenting with BabylonJS
Is there any default unit in BabylonJS for 1 Vector ( = I mean, the distance between 2 vectors )?

Like, is it the distance between 2 Vector3’s supposedly 1 meter ?
Or is there nowhere nothing that assumes this,
and can I therefore decide for myself that 1 vector will equal 1 centimeter in my world, without ever running into issues?


1 vector = 1 unité.

It’s up to you to define your unit (km, m, cm, mm)


Yes! 1 === 1 :slight_smile:

It depends on the model(s) you are loading, depends on how you define your scene.
Just wanted to add - in WebXR - 1 unit = 1 meter


JavaScript left me with so many trust issues I doubted even this for a second :slight_smile: