What is the right way to create a talking chat bot with expressions?

I am very beginner to babylon js. I need do create a talking chat bot. Means, when asking some questions the character can give answer with with face expression or at least lip some lips movements. Actually my target is a chat bot using babylon js with artificial intelligence. Please share anything you know about this topic. I am not expect a answer, I am looking for the best way to solve this requirement.

Hi and welcome to the community,

Glad to see your enthousiasm and your will to create with BJS. Please keep with this energy :smiley:
However, babylon.js is a 3D rendering framework. It will not do your lipsync nor your AI. So it worries me a little when someone comes with this level of complexity and says ‘I do not expect answers’. Answers and a clear project management is what you would first need to run this kind of project. Already you would need to split down the project for all different aspects: character modelling, animations, lipsync, text recognition, AI, API,… You could use an existing chatbot and its API and from there “simply” animate your chatbot avatar. That would be the easiest.

Though, when I say ‘easiest’, you’re not there yet. I don’t want to discourage you but I think you are in for a long journey here if you want to do that (and you’re welcome :smiley:.

Please allow for some time for the team and experts to reply (and that is not me for this subject :wink:
It’s holiday season and it could take a bit more time before you get more input and answers…
Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying your first experience with BJS and I shall wish you a great day :sunglasses: :parasol_on_ground:

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I know bjs is 3D rendering library. The lip sync what i means that just lip animation for a human character.