What requirements would a professional game developer have?

I’m working on a Babylon.js alternative to AFRAME. It’s nowhere near ready for release yet, but while it’s still in the design phase, one of the things I’d like to do is make sure it can scale to creating professional-level games and experiences.

One of my goals is to replace the ECS pattern used by AFRAME. It’s inherently non-declarative, leads to large projects being difficult to read, and in practice results in essentially JS-logic-inside-HTML-attributes instead of true declarative HTML. However, I’m also aware that ECS is one of the most powerful features of AFRAME, and by excluding it, I could inadvertently make this unable to scale to large projects. That’s why I’d like to gather use requirements before I release it.

If you have professional experience with game development, what are the minimum requirements you would have of a framework before you would consider using it?

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