When I zoom in or zoom out some of my triangles vanished

Hi everyone

I have built custom mesh with the aid of triangles, and there is a problem in my design in rotation and zoom in/out. I mean when I rotate or zoom in ( or out) some of my triangles vanished.

the following url is my PG ( with the tiny part of my geoJson ) and when you rotate it you can see the problem:

and this is my Final Model:

Try setting:

camera.minZ to a low value
camera.maxZ to a high value

Thank you so much, I set camera min and max, But the problem doesn’t solve.

refresh your mesh bounding box

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how can I refresh mesh bounding box?

@jerome, do you mean something like this? (A previous post from you haha)

I just added
// vertexDataArray[i].getBoundingInfo().update(mesh._worldMatrix);
// vertexDataArray[i].refreshBoundingInfo();
to my code but again the problem didn’t solve.