Where is "BABYLON.ConditionalBlockConditions" in the npm package .. i cant find it anywhere

help please … im converting a code.txt output from NME , which outputs all babylon code with the global BABYLON. So one by one I need to dig through all the packages and find what to import , so far i found

import { NodeMaterial } from "@babylonjs/core/Materials/Node/nodeMaterial";
import { InputBlock } from "@babylonjs/core/Materials/Node/Blocks/Input/inputBlock";
import { TransformBlock } from "@babylonjs/core/Materials/Node/Blocks/transformBlock";
import { ConditionalBlock } from "@babylonjs/core/Materials/Node/Blocks/conditionalBlock";
import { VertexOutputBlock } from "@babylonjs/core/Materials/Node/Blocks/Vertex/vertexOutputBlock";
import { NodeMaterialSystemValues } from "@babylonjs/core/Materials/Node/Enums/nodeMaterialSystemValues";
import { AnimatedInputBlockTypes } from "@babylonjs/core/Materials/Node/Blocks/Input/animatedInputBlockTypes";

I still have so many to go. Any help pls, also I know I keep asking , but is there some faster way to do this?

ConditionalBlockConditions is an enum exported by Materials/Node/Blocks/conditionalBlock.

cc @RaananW, but I think at the time you will have to find the path of each class / type yourself… (or import * from Materials/Node to import everything related to node materials)


ok i opened the file and saw multiple exports , thanks .

Yes im doing them one by one because of treeshaking

ps , is there a means to search the node modules folder using VSC? When I use the search feature , it doesnt search in modules. that info could help me find this much faster

Maybe it’s the files.exclude section in .vscode/settings.json that prevents searching in the node_module directory. You can try to modify this setting and see if that helps.