Unable to use exported code from NME

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glad to be here, but i have some issues with NME exported code. I followed the docs for setting up my local development environment based on babylons ES6 modules and webpack, but it seems there are some missing definitions and classes. I can’t find the ConditionalBlock class for a proper import. Aside from that, the visibleOnFrame attribute does not exist on any Block. My material work well in the playground so it seems to be a ES6/module based problem.

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Which version of Babylon.js are you using? ConditionalBlock and visibleOnFrame are new in 5.0.0.

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Yes thanks, that was the problem. I am surprised that the default NME use an alpha version, but now that you say it, I notice that it refers to 5.0.0.

Though it is technically an alpha version, 5.0.0 is actually quite stable, and probably has fewer bugs than 4.2. (We have already fixed several issues from 4.2). We recommend you use the latest version if possible. To make this easier on developers, all Babylon versions are 100% backwards compatible, so your apps should never break when we release new versions. (If they do, please let us know right away!)

Maybe “alpha” is a bit of a misnomer as it implies instability…what do you think @Deltakosh?

alpha definitely has an impact. At old some of my old jobs, the CTO would have a heart attack if they ever saw that in a package.json, even if we did our best to explain thats its more stable than release.

haha yeah we already got that feedback…do you guys have better idea for naming our phases?
So far alpha means: we keep adding features
Beta means: we are finalizing features (doc/perf/ stability)
RC means: only bug fixes

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Maybe babylon-next?

And babylon-next-prerelease when in beta stage.

I think the naming is one thing. But another thing is that all playgrounds, NME and other tools do not use the version by default that I get installed by npm by default. This just provokes problems like mine. And even if most don’t seem to have any problems with it, or at least aren’t as careless as I am, in my opinion it’s a bit inconsistent. On the other hand, I was very grateful for the ConditionalBlock :slight_smile:

see ? :wink:

I believe there is no good answer but glad we fixed your issue

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As so often …
But good job i like babylonjs. Best regards also to Jason from the NME tutorial videos. I love his enthusiasm :slightly_smiling_face:

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