Where should I put the manifest of IndexedDB?

I wonder where to put the manifest file.

And does IDBSStorage detect glb changes?

BABYLON.Database.IDBStorageEnabled = true;
engine.enableOfflineSupport = true;

You are studying using options.

manifest Name definition is difficult.

I use the type script

The scene does not have a name property.

let me add back @RaananW on this one and I ll close the following as duplicate: IndexedDB Usage Questions

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According to Optimizing Using Cached Resources | Babylon.js Documentation, I think the .manifest file must be in the same directory than the .babylon scene file.

You should have a look at this thread. It seems that the current support for indexedDB is a bit limited and will be redesigned (Modernize IndexedDB · Issue #11816 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub).


Exactly. You can also disable the need to use a manifest, but using a manifest allows you to define versions and control better the flow of data.

And as @Evgeni_Popov said, we will work on improving the offline support in babylon in the future.