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I would like to ask if there is way to make BabylonJS stop ask for manifest to check version ,or can I do it manually ?

Is there anyway to make BabylonJS check version of database once and if it’s changed then check for meshes ?

I would like to reduce number of request for check meshes version.


engine.disableManifestCheck = true;
And this is for disable storing into db
BABYLON.Database.IDBStorageEnabled = false;
2. I don;t know if I understood, but I think it is doing actually this. It’s checking manifest content if content changed then is loading again the file.

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Thanks @MarianG
This help me a lot

What I want to do is check the version of real database (all objects and meshes ) if the version is changed then check each file with manifest if not nothing will happen , so i think it will be good idea to make one request nested of requests for each object every time.

If you update version number inside manifest file when you update your object and save to DB, then on load it should take the latest version of mesh.

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More info: Optimize using Cached Resources - Babylon.js Documentation

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