Where to find core texture channels code of sandbox inspector on github

Hey everyone!

Does anyone know where can I find the code that executes the toggled changes when you click on certain settings in the Inspector?

I am trying to greyscale my entire model as a toggle option, without having to save all of the original textures/material settings in memory. I noticed that in the Inspector you can turn off the texture channels with a toggle off/on.

This is what I am trying to achieve (though the albedo color of the wall still is showing, so I’m not sure how to turn that off in the same way as these texture channels:

The code for these options (below) is what I am trying to find in the github repo. I searched Sandbox, Inspector, and Debug but could not find what I am looking for.

Thanks in advance for the help in my search!

PS: Also, any help with simple ways to greyscale my entire model would be all appreciated! (though glass I am trying to keep transparent, possibly)

You can find the code corresponding to these switches here:

To render your scene in greyscale, you could use a post process. There’s already a black and white post process, but it’s only that, “black and white” and not greyscale.

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Thanks a ton!!!