Which type asset loading is Fast

In Babylonjs, many ways to load assets (models & textures) . In those ways, which one is fast among those. Any suggestions please.

Not sure I totally get the question but if you are looking for the most efficient format to store your models, I d personaly go with GLTF + Draco + KTX2 .


I am strange about KTX2. How to use it?

This might be a good start Multi-Platform Compressed Textures | Babylon.js Documentation and @bghgary might provide more insights.

That documentation is for KTX version 1. For KTX version 2, please look here: KTX2 Compressed Textures | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com).

More information about KTX version 2 here: KTX Overview - The Khronos Group Inc

I am not sure KTXx is the fastest, from a load perspective. From a load standpoint, KTXx is always much larger than JPG.

It’s impact is for memory use / faults in the render loop. I did the KTX1 integration, and did not really find any advantage, even though the memory savings is really good. Maybe on mobile where GPU memory is more scarce you might see something, but I do not think I have ever built a GPU bound scene of any substance to date. Far better to focus your performance dollars on CPU first.

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KTX2 is usually smaller than JPG if you use ETC1S. For color textures (i.e. not for normal maps, etc.), the quality is also on par with JPG even though it’s smaller.

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