Why AxesViewer need to be scaled to match base unit?

Hi !

This playground shows that we have to scale AxesViewer at 0.74 to match a babylon unit, is that the expected behavior ? Why AxesViewer is not 1 by default ?


It looks like it’s on purpose

I guess for legacy reason. the use of axisViewer is to display axis, not to mesure the world unit.
I agree it’s a bit weird.

Did you see that before @Philippe ?

Unfortunately, I don’t know more. My changes did only format this part.

From what I can see from the git history the value 0.275 seems to be introduced in use cylinders instead of lines · BabylonJS/Babylon.js@d3d8de8 · GitHub by @TrevorDev maybe he has some insights :thinking:?

Looks like it’s for no special meaning. if you want to update the scale for a unit instead, feel free to open a PR